Knights Nitrogen specializes in providing Industrial nitrogen Services for a wide variety of Services throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Whether it is a planned or emergency outage, Knights will be ready to mobilize experienced crews and equipment to your site.

Industrial Plant and Process Services

Purging and Inerting- Nitrogen purging is easily adapted to any process installation. Different methods are used depending on the type and shape of the equipment to be purged and the location of the purging inlets and outlets.

  1. Displacement purging. This method is used for equipment with simple cross sections such as piping.
  2. Pressurization/Cycle purging- This method is used when conditions do not permit a sweeping action of nitrogen through the vessel
  3. Dilution Purging- Nitrogen partially mixes with the gas to be purged out, and then the mixture exits through a outlet located as far as possible from the inlet.

Catalyst Support- Accelerated cool downs using cold nitrogen at high flows on catalyst beds and vessel walls. Nitrogen is also used to support catalyst removal after the beds have been cooled. A continuous stream of nitrogen keeps oxygen away from pyrophoric catalysts and preventing temperature rising and creating a explosive atmosphere.

Process Drying-Nitrogen has a dew point of -70 Celsius. With pumping hot nitrogen this will remove moisture and air from process units.

Blanketing- Nitrogen is used to blanket lines ,vessels or tanks with product depending on the maintenance needed.

02 Freeing- After maintenance is completed, nitrogen is used to 02 free the process piping and vessels and obtaining 0% O2 before the product is introduced.

LEL purging- Nitrogen is used to lower LELs for piping and vessels and towers by purging with flow purging or cycle purging.

Outages and Commissioning- Usually outages are planned for maintenance and nitrogen is pumped at one location throughout the facility.

Leak detection- After maintenance is completed, nitrogen is used to check all connections and flanges to ensure systems are safe for start up

Pipeline Services

Product displacement- Using nitrogen to push pigs through line to empty line for maintenance or abandonment. 

Line dewatering- Nitrogen is used to dewater line after hydro test, by propelling multiple pigs to remove all water and moisture ILI Tool runs-a nitrogen blanket is put on the pipeline then the smart pig is propelled by nitrogen at a desired speed to obtain data for the client. 

Gauge runs- Gauge run pigs are sent before the smart pig to make sure the pipeline is free of damage or debris before the ILI run. 

Inhibitor Tool runs- multiple pigs are put into the pipeline with inhibitor batch mixed and then propelled by nitrogen coating the pipeline with inhibitor. 

Blanketing- Nitrogen is used to blanket pipelines for several different applications Maintenance, abandonment. 

Pipeline Drying- hot nitrogen is pumped throughout the line with or without pig to remove moisture and obtain a dew point of -45 Celsius to prevent hydrates forming. Usually on new construction tie ins. 

Pressure testing- Nitrogen is pumped to obtain a pressure test on new or existing lines.

Downhole Services

Coil tubing Operations- Purging coil tubing, Clean outs, Abandonments, Drill/ Mill outs. 

Well Cleanouts/Kick arounds- Rig or Rigless, nitrogen can be pumped to lift fluids or to reduce the weight of a hydrostatic column of fluid. 

Pressure testing- Pumping nitrogen into wells with hydrocarbons to prevent explosive atmosphere. 

Nitrified Acid Stimulation- is the technique designed to remove well bore formation damage which has occurred during the productive life of the well without causing damage with kill fluids . 

Abandonments- Providing nitrogen for nitrogen blanketing or cleanouts in wells with hydrocarbons in order to set plugs and abandon well. 

Well integrity testing- Using nitrogen to pressure test wells and connections. 

U-Tubing- Pumping nitrogen down the tubing or annulus and returning up the annulus or tubing. 

Stuck Drill Pipe- pumping nitrogen to lower the hydrostatic head and allow for freeing of the drill pipe when the drill pipe is differentially stuck. 

Underbalanced Drilling- is a procedure used to drill oil and gas wells where the pressure in the wellbore is kept lower than the static pressure than the formation being drilled. 

Injection Wells- Pumping nitrogen into injection wells to increase flow into formation.

Product Experience

Crude Oil, Hydrogen Sulfide, Natural Gas, NGL's, Propane, Helium, Ethanol, Condensate, Gasoline, Diesel, Methanol, Anhydrous Ammonia, Sulfuric Acids, Catalyst, Chemicals, hydrocarbons, Coal.

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