Nitrogen Pumps

These tandem trailer units are equipped with a liquid nitrogen storage tank, non fired vaporizer/ heat exchanger, and cryogenic pumping equipment all operated from Deck engine with dual 100 gal fuel tanks. Operating independently with a C18 deck engine (800 HP) , there is no chance of any Nitrogen supply interruptions due to the engine derating or extreme heat caused by regeneration of a DEF system, also a huge safety point for those working under a Nitrogen blanket during a Catalyst change out. All controls and valves actuated from control cab.


  • Delivering gaseous nitrogen with Variable temperature -25 to +65 Celsius with overpressure and low temperature trips.
  • Flow rate 0-85 M3/ Min
  • Pressure 0 70000 kpa
  • 7000 M3 storage capacity on board
  • 25 meters of Integral Iron on board and 90 meters of high pressure hose on reel
  • Manifold set up for ease of setting up multiple lines to tie in points.
  • Pressure relief valve installed in discharge line.

Nitrogen Transport Bulkers

Knights Nitrogen providing Nitrogen transports to support stand alone pumps or to assist larger jobs. These bulkers have the ability to transport and transfer large quantities of liquid nitrogen. Our experienced team will organize ahead of schedule to have extra product on site to reduce pump downtime waiting on product to save costs and time to the client.

Tandem Nitrogen bulkers available for tight locations and a capacity up to 18000 m3.

Tri-dem Nitrogen bulkers available with capacity up to 23000 m3 , which larger bulker eliminates multiple loads brought in to site.

Queen Storage bulker available with Capacity of 55000 m3

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