Nitrogen purging services are essential when the required nitrogen supply exceeds a plant’s ability to maintain the high flow rate often required during shutdowns and other maintenance procedures. Nitrogen purging is highly effective for pipeline purges, product displacement and process pipeline inerting. Nitrogen because it is clean and extremely dry, is perfect and a very effective medium for conducting pneumatic tests on sensitive equipment, when potential contamination is a concern. The high rates, pressure and precise control of Knights Nitrogen Services Ltd mobile non fired nitrogen pumping equipment, can significantly reduce down time required, also increase the level of safety for conducting this type of critical testing activity, ideally suited for sensitive areas of the plant because this unit is non-fired, and functions from a sealed glycol and hydraulic heat recovery system.

Nitrogen gas is one of the most widely used primary products in the oil and gas industry, from the initial drilling of the well to the delivery of the finished product via pipeline, truck, and train to the user. As a naturally occurring gas, Nitrogen makes up about 78% of the air we breathe; Nitrogen can safely be used for multitude of services in the energy industry. It has properties that make it an ideal tool; it is inert, nonreactive, nontoxic and noncorrosive.

Because Nitrogen is also inert, it will not support combustion; therefore, once a system has been purged using nitrogen, there is no risk of ignition within that system or pipeline. The nitrogen atmosphere reduces the corrosion caused by oxidation, making it ideal for preserving piping for prolonged periods without use.

Nitrogen gas provided by Knights Nitrogen pumping equipment provides 99.99% pure nitrogen with a dew-point of -70˚C. This clean, extremely dry gas is effective for drying out any pipeline or process system. When combined with high temperatures, the drying time to achieve the required dew point is significantly reduced compared with conventional drying methods, reducing any down time and significantly reducing costs.

Nitrogen Properties :

  • Density (Gas) =1.251 g/L
  • Density (Liquid) =808 Kg/M3
  • Boiling Point =-195.73˚C
  • Dew-point = -70˚C
  • Chemically inert extremely stable element
N2 Pounds (LB) Weight Kilogram (KG) Cubic Feet Gas (SCF) Cubic meters Gas (SCM) Gallons (GAL) Liquid Liters (L)
1 Pound 1.0 0.4536 13.803 0.3827 0.1481 0.5606
1 Kilogram 2.205 1.0 30.42 0.8437 0.3262 1.2349
1 ton 2000 907.2 27606 765.4 296.2 1121
1 SCF Gas 0.07245 0.03286 1.0 0.02773 0.01074 0.04065
1 SCM Gas 2.613 1.185 36.6 1.0 0.3873 1.466
1 Gal Liquid 6.745 3.06 93.11 2.582 1.0 3.785
1 L liquid 1.782 0.8083 24.6 0.6821 0.2642 1.00

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