Hauling in Medicine Hat

If you find yourself in need of a transport driver that can haul your precious materials, we invite you to contact Knights Nitrogen Services LTD. We are a highly sought-after hauling company that serves the industrial oil and gas industries throughout the Medicine Hat area and beyond. Offering the finest oilfield transport services in the region, we specialize in transporting bulk Nitrogen, and so much more. With first-class, certified drivers and frequently-serviced vehicles, we give our valued clientele the peace of mind they need to carry out their important duties. Request our services by calling (403) 866-4833 at your convenience.

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Everyone's First Choice for Trucking

We are a hauling and trucking company located in the heart of Medicine Hat. With our extensive fleet and our fully licensed drivers, we're the ones who help the region's leading industries and operators conduct their business without interruption. Over the years, leaders in the industrial sector have come to see our services as essential to everyday operations. Would you like to learn more about our hauling services? If so, call us today to speak to a representative.

An Extensive Fleet At Your Disposal

We have an extensive fleet of trailers, truckers, and haulers that can be dispatched at a moment's notice. These truckers and trailers are capable of hauling equipment of all sizes to oilfields, factories, and everywhere in between. If you would like to see a full list of the haulers in our fleet, contact us at your convenience.

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Over the years, we have become the haulers of choice for oilfield workers and others in Medicine Hat's thriving industrial sector. Companies know they can count on us to transport their valuable equipment, fuel, and other materials from A to B with unrivaled ease.

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