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Knights Nitrogen Services LTD is the top choice in Lethbridge for a professional, reliable, and affordable hauling service. We understand that for our community to thrive, goods need to be delivered and shipped on time and in perfect condition. We are committed to doing our part to help the Lethbridge community run smoothly. For any hauling need, including construction materials and heavy machinery, we have the trucks and the drivers needed to get your goods safely from point A to B.

Don’t leave your goods in the hands of a lesser company. Trust the best. Call us at (403) 866-4833 now to get safe and fast shipments hauled.

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Professional Haulers

What sets us apart as a hauling company is our professional crew of drivers. Without our incredible team, we would not be able to offer you such spectacular services. Every driver is fully licensed and screened to ensure they have a long successful track record of safe, reliable driving. Building a team of specialists who are dedicated to your satisfaction is the secret to our success.

Over the years, our experience has only grown to give us the knowledge to transport all kinds of goods in our trucks. We especially have experience in hauling for the industrial oil and gas industry, serving Lethbridge companies faithfully for years.

If you want your cargo handled by the best professional haulers in the area, contact us at (403) 866-4833.

We Haul Everything

The best hauling company is one that can haul anything you need. In our years of service, we have dealt with oil companies, mines, construction, and many more. The loads that need to be hauled for these companies vary drastically, but our attention to detail and care for each load never does. We always approach each job with a priority on safety, timeliness, and a commitment to your satisfaction. Here are some of the materials we can haul:

  • Concrete
  • Lumber
  • Waste materials and debris
  • Metal coils and pipes
  • Oil, gas, and fuel
  • Heavy machinery
  • And more

If you have a large load of cargo that needs to be transported, give us a call at (403) 866-4833. We will be able to offer you a perfect hauling solution to transport your cargo.

Affordable Hauling Company

We are not just about professional and experienced hauling services at Knights Nitrogen Services LTD; we’re also about providing these services at incredible rates. We understand that you’re running a business, which means you want your hauling company to look out for your bottom line. Our rates are the most competitive you’re going to find in Lethbridge. This will help you save more on your hauling needs.

To learn about our rates and even get a no-obligation quote for a hauling service, call us at (403) 866-4833 today. See how we are the cheapest option for your hauling needs.

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Through the years, we have separated ourselves from our competition to become the premier hauling company in Lethbridge. You can count on us to offer professional, reliable, and affordable hauling services. So to have your cargo in good hands, call us at (403) 866-4833 today!

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